Water Wells 

Disposal of Housing Complex

The city of Wasco, like many other farm towns in the Central Valley face a significant water crisis. It is an issue in the State of California. However, as your leader, I will not allow this to be a deterrent and will ensure we have adequate running water. Water wells were not maintained properly and when it was most necessary. As a result, we face a water crisis that involves expense and a sense of urgency. 

Let's begin with High Speed Rail, which has made an agreement with the City of Wasco to address one of Wasco's water wells. We can push and create momentum for HSR to address this as a quick and fast fix for the City of Wasco. In terms of future resolutions, water storage, a plan for new revenues (see disposal of old Housing Complex) for updated water wells in Wasco. 

We face many challenges throughout the city, one of them being the old Housing Authority complex located next to the new High Speed Rail project. 

As your council member, my unique negotiation skills will bring forth the necessary conversations and creative ideas to allow for removal and disposal of the old housing complex.